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GP de Monaco race collection for men, women and kids


Throughout the years, McGregor has presented various racing collections. For several years, McGregor has been the official clothing partner of the Automobile Club de Monaco. This is celebrated every year with two exclusive collections, the Rallye de Monte-Carlo collection and the GP de Monaco collection. The Grand Prix de Monaco 2015 collection includes t-shirts, blouses, polo shirts and cardigans for men, women and kids.

The GP de Monaco Collection for men

The men's collection consists of polo shirts, t-shirts, cardigans, dress shirts, accessories and shoes. The polo shirts and dress shirts are in the traditional colours red, white, blue and black. On the front of the t-shirts, polo shirts and dress shirts is printed in large lettering: 'Monaco 73 ED. On the chest and on the sleeves, there is the logo of the Automobile Club de Monaco. It is a cool-looking collection for men who love car racing such as Formula 1. We also see influences from McGregor Sportswear Collection returning. Thus, we see that the argyle checks and cricket stripes are back in the GP of Monaco collection.

The collection also includes cool sneakers from Grand Prix Monaco 2015. These are also in the familiar colours red, white and black. The sneakers and the Monaco GP polo shirts or t-shirt, can be combined with the unique Monaco GP 2015 belt.

The (basic) t-shirts are available in summery colours such as: orange, mint green, red and blue. The clothes are perfect for a summer day on and around the racing circuit.

The GP de Monaco Collection for kids

There are also beautiful items for kids in the Grand Prix Monaco 2015 collection. We see cool and sporty polo shirts, t-shirts, cardigans and accessories. On the front, we see playful artwork in which the number 73 (it is the 73rd edition of the Grand Prix de Monaco) is the central theme. On the back of the items, there is a large embroidered bit of artwork of the number '2015'. This number is, of course, for the year when the Grand Prix is held. It is a playful collection for boys and girls who love cool and sporty. The collection is different from that of the men and women; they have taken into account the preference that children have for playful clothes. This provides a fresh new collection, a wonderful gift for kids who love car racing. The items are, one and all, of a high quality, so the kids can play easily in the clothing. Even after several washes, the clothes stay beautiful.

Grand Prix de Monaco F1

The Monaco Grand Prix is one of the 21 races in the Formula 1 Championships and is held on the Circuit de Monaco. The first Monaco Grand Prix took place in 1929 and is therefore even older than Formula 1 racing itself. The Grand Prix has been a part of the Formula 1 Championships since 1950 and is one of the best-known Formula 1 races. Drivers see it as a real classic and are very keen to add it to their list of wins.

Grand Prix de Monaco Historique

This is the historical version of the Grand Prix de Monaco F1 and is held two weeks ahead of the start of the F1 Monaco Grand Prix. The first edition was is 1997, with the second being held in 2000. Since then it has been organised every two years. The vehicles taking part are 'Pre 1947 Voiturettes' and cars that participated in the 1947-1960 and 1984 Grands Prix. The Historique class is very popular with race fans.

Rallye Monte Carlo Des Energies Nouvelles

Another race on the Rallye Monte-Carlo calendar is the Rallye Monte-Carlo des Energies Nouvelles, which takes place in March. This is perhaps the most prestigious of the rallies. The cars driving in this class all run on new or renewable energy. The rally is divided up into different categories, such as the category for electric cars. The focus is not on speed, but on accuracy.

The GP de Monaco Collection for women

The Grand Prix Monaco 2015 collection includes sporty and modern clothing for women in the colours black, white and navy blue. The collection consists of preppy polo dresses, polo shirts and blouses. On the front of the items from the collection is a large print of 'Grand Prix Monaco 73.' This is artwork embroidered in large lettering. On the back of the items is also an embroidered bit of artwork: '73ED. The dresses are available in black and in navy blue. The polo dress is fitted and made of high quality cotton with stretch which makes for a perfect fit. The dress is perfect for hot days. The polo shirts and the blouses are also made of high quality cotton and stretch which makes for a perfect fit. All items have a luxurious look. There are also blouses and polo shirts available for men and kids, so that you can go in style with your whole family to the Grand Prix.

Historique de l' Automobile Club de Monaco

The Automobile Club de Monaco has a rich history. Each year, it organises the world's most prestigious rally event: the Rallye Monte-Carlo. The first rally took place in 1911 and this makes it the oldest and also the most famous rally in the world. To many people, the Monte Carlo rally is the "only real Grand Prix" and represents the braving of extreme weather conditions, including cold, snow, storms and rain. The race is generally held in the mountains of Monaco in January, which means that things can get pretty treacherous. People come from all over the world to take part. Due to the severe conditions, you could say that the race is won only by true heroes. McGregor's Rallye Monte-Carlo clothing ensures that you, too, will be equipped to brave the extreme elements and feel like a racing hero.

Rallye Monte-Carlo

The class exuded by the rally is reflected in the preppy collection. As the rally takes place around Monaco under what can be tough winter conditions, the clothing needs to be warm and of a good quality. The collection is made up of functional garments with sophisticated details that exude class.

Rallye Monte-Carlo Historique

This is the name of the Monte Carlo Rally with which it all began in 1911. It was Prince Albert I of Monaco who came up with the idea. His objective was to provide some competition to the seaside resort of Nice and attract people to Monaco instead. He also wanted to test automotive technology under severe weather conditions. A total of 23 competitors raced in the first rally in 1911. The number had quadrupled when the second race took place a year later. The first winner of the rally drove a Turcat-Méry 25 HP. Cars made by Renault, Fiat, Peugeot and Ford were later winners. The Rallye Monte-Carlo Historique is reserved for classic cars. This is reflected in the collection. The garments feature the Rallye Monte-Carlo Historique logo. In comparison with the Rallye Monte-Carlo collection, the clothes are more restrained.

Rallye ZENN

This rally class is reserved for fully electric cars only. ZENN stands for Zero Emission - No Noise. The rally is organised by TAG Heuer, with the Automobile Club de Monaco being responsible for the timing. Speed is not the focus of this race either: instead it is all about how electric cars handle the road conditions.