McGregor men's T-shirts

The most common item in any wardrobe: the T-shirt Our collection features wardrobe basics, classic T-shirts, and stylish fashion items. We have cool men's T-shirts with striking and trendy prints, as well as sporty shirts with prints inspired by the sport-mad United States. These sporty T-shirts are perfect for workouts or everyday wear. Wear a T-shirt under a cardigan or pullover, or under a smart shirt. When temperatures start to soar, you can also pair a simple T-shirt with chinos, jeans, or shorts.

Basic T-shirts for men

The basic T-shirts by McGregor are perfect for wearing under other shirts. Our collection includes a wide range of basic T-shirts. Opt for a stretch cotton or elastane T-shirt for supreme comfort. The V-neck on these white basics pair perfectly with a V-neck pullover. We also offer round-neck men's T-shirts made from 100% cotton. This high-quality material is extremely durable and keeps its shape. Heading to the gym? Why not try one of our basic T-shirts, made from breathable fabric for added comfort?

T-shirts in the men's Summer/Winter collection

The Spring/Summer 2017 collection features a wide range of fashionable men's T-shirts. Our basic T-shirts are perfect for any occasion. Wear a stylish T-shirt under a checked shirt on a first date or pair a basic T-shirt with a thin pullover on colder days. Red and blue are the most popular colours in the Autumn/Winter T-shirt collection. We also have sporty T-shirts with cool applications, great flock prints, and fashionable patterns for a stylish look when the weather turns cold.