Trend report - McGregor womenswear

What fashion trends can we expect to see this winter? What are the latest styles, colours, and fabrics? Our stylists compiled a list of the top ten trends. Following the latest fashion trends has never been easier!

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This season is all about femininity. Boyfriend jeans, printed T-shirts, and biker boots are slowly making way for more feminine fashions. Think: seventies chic with Dallas and Dynasty-style jumpsuits and knee-length skirts. The use of luxury fabrics like tencel, tulle, and cashmere add a trendy urban vibe to this look.

McGregor Blouse Allison Burke
Blouse Allison Burke

McGregor introduced the tartan check in New York in 1921 and this fashion statement has become an integral part of the urban fashion scene ever since. In addition to the traditional tartan check, McGregor's design team is passionate about developing new check patterns every season for a contemporary look.

McGregor Lammy Coat Amesburt
Coming soon! - Lammy Coat Amesburt

An absolute must-have, this super-chic coat is made from 100% lambskin. What makes this coat extra special is that it's reversible. Wear this lambskin coat as a statement piece by pairing it with a casual outfit or go for a chic look and combine it with natural colours. In short: this coat is an absolute must-have in your winter wardrobe.

Create the ultimate feminine look with an over-the-knee skirt and a silk dress

McGregor Boots Gwyneth
Boots Gwyneth

In addition to ankle boots, tall boots are also in fashion this winter. They are ideal under a skirt or a dress.

We love this style! Also known as 'city cowgirl', this style includes items like a leather jacket, a wool hat, and an oversized poncho. The main colour associated with this trend is cognac. A chic and contemporary cowgirl look is guaranteed.

McGregor Cape Blackpool
Cape Blackpool

The classic English cape is back in fashion, and for good reason. This piece transitions flawlessly from summer to autumn and can be worn countless ways: pair it with a checked blouse for a classic look or a chunky-knit pullover or army-style blouse for a trendy look.

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