Trend report - McGregor menswear

What fashion trends can we expect to see this winter? What are the latest styles, colours, and fabrics? Our stylists compiled a list of the top ten trends. Following the latest fashion trends has never been easier!

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McGregor Pullover Loup
Pullover Loup

Structured pullovers were a popular trend last spring and can carry you into autumn as well. Plain-coloured pullovers with woven, graphic patterns are in, like this high-quality knitted pullover with check pattern.

Update your knitwear collection with this turtleneck pullover and cardigan

McGregor Baseball Jacket Trainer Beaman
Baseball Jacket Trainer Beaman

No other jacket brings American culture to mind more vividly than the iconic baseball jacket. These days, the jackets are available in a variety of styles. The sporty version with leather sleeves and badges is our favourite.

Iconic classics like the tartan shirt and the down jacket have been given a contemporary twist

McGregor Pullover Loup
Pullover Loup

The desire for warmth and nature is reflected in this season's trendiest colours: camel, moss green, and warm red.

The 'M' for military and the 'M' for minimal. These two extremes are well-represented this winter.

McGregor Boots Lucca
Boots Lucca

Chelsea boots are the number one footwear trend this winter. These leather boots have elastic at the sides and a rounded toe. This English classic made popular in the sixties by the Beatles is now more popular than ever.

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